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About Papa G's

We Made It Good
Our Customers Made It Famous!

The Papa G’s family started cooking in the early 60’s and shortly thereafter opened its first restaurant.  Among the featured items on the menu was the Italian Beef and something new and different to many, the Cheezzzy Beef.Throughout the years, Cheezy Beef has popped up on many menus, in sit down and other restaurants alike.Papa G's Cheezy Beef

In 1992 when our generation opened Papa G's in Aurora, Cheezzzy Beef was our main attraction, and even years later we find customers asking us “what is Cheezzzy Beef”?

Thanks to our family standards, our Italian Beef has remained unmatched! Customers that have had Italian Beef or Cheezzzy Beef at Papa G’s tell their friends, and we have had many from out of town or out of state visit Papa G’s.  We started as Papa G's; customers later gave us the name Papa G's Famous Cheezzzy Beef TM.

Our competitors think slapping some cheese on top of the Italian Beef makes it a Cheezy Beef, but it’s not that simple.  It takes the right beef, selective cheese, and precision cooking to make Papa G's Famous Cheezzzy Beef TM.

Italian beefPapa G's has also created sandwiches that other restaurants eventually will try to imitate, such as the Texas Beef, Chicken Pita, Grilled Chicken Salad with our exclusive Marengo dressing, the Aurora Steak Dinner, Ranch Chicken Sandwich, Texas Burger, Papa Steak Dinner and our newcomer the Chicago Bears Burger.

At Papa G's you’ll find the same friendly faces cooking for you Since 1992, we take pride making every sandwich for you and your family as good as we would do for our own family.  That’s what makes Papa G's different from others.  Families cooking for Families.

  Papa G's
“Nice people cooking for other nice people” 
Thank You.


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